The menu at Akakiko puts Asia foodies in raptures: In addition to sushi, maki and sashimi – these specialties make up about two-thirds of the dishes at Akakiko – there is food that not everyone in Salzburg has heard of: Japanese dishes such as the cabbage salad kabechu, katsu curry, kamo teriyaki, ramen soup bowls, sake fish specialties and desserts such as apple-filled dumplings called gyoza and mochi ice cream.

The typical Korean dish bibimbap is also on the menu: “Bibim” translates to mix, “Bap” means rice. Bibimbap is served with vegetables, beef or tofu. At the new Akakiko restaurant in Salzburg’s FORUM 1, lunch dishes for office workers and students are also planned. Vegan dishes are available, as are trendy side dishes such as zoodles, quinoa and kuro rice.